Welcome to the soil physics and hydro-geophysics research group and laboratory, part of the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. We are also part of the Grand Water Research Institute, at the Technion

We study physical, chemical and biological processes associated with porous media (i.e., soil), and primarily the physical processes related to flow and transport. Our research combines field- and lab-scale studies, with numerical and analytical models. Currently, we focus on three main fields of research: (i) study of the mutual way soil physical properties and processes, and microbial activity affect each other; (ii) geo-electrical study of subsurface wetting patterns at the field scale, including root zone and soil aquifer treatment facilities; and (iii) the geo-electrical signature of contaminants and other solutes. Our long-term goal is to combine geo-electrical measurements with the full understanding of the coupled physical-biological-chemical processes associated with biodegradation for enhanced soil and groundwater remediation.